What is Halal?

What is Halal and Haran?

Halal  means permitted, health, right, in the Muslim religion is the only way of life, Halal in terms of gastronomy  informs us the type of meat and the way of sacrifice, The process is only realised by authorized butchers, Halal institute among others is dedicated to review the whole process, everything has to be correct and as the rules requires. They are certifying company and the process in which the animal is slaughtered with the optimal conditions.

When all is in order, the Halal company draw up a certificate that demonstrate anywhere in the world that the meat that the costumer is going to eat is Halal,

There is one flesh that  never can  be Halal for religious reason, which is the pork. It is called Haran, Haran is the  completely opposite to Halal, Haran is prohibited, unlawful, not allowed, not healthy.

For been halal food, the meat has to be manipulated in a very careful way, Contamination has to be avoid in every step of the recipe. When we said contamination we mean that the meat can not be touch by nothing that is not halal.

If you are interested in Halal, and you want more information you can visit  the Institute Halal .

Halal is a concept of life.

Halal is a culture.



The definition of Halal according to the Trade Description Order (Usage of the Term “Halal”) 1975 is as follows:

When the term is used in relation to food in any form whatsoever, in the process of trade or commerce as an aspect of trading or part of an aspect of trading for the referred to food, the terms ‘Halal’, ‘Guaranteed Halal’ or ‘Muslim Food’ or any other terms that may be used to indicate or may be understood as meaning to indicate as permissible to be consumed by Muslims and allowed in their religion for the referred to food to be consumed, must therefore mean the following, that is, the food for which such terms are being used:

  • does not stem from or consists of any part of or item from animals that are forbidden to Muslims by Islamic law, or animals that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic law;
  • does not contain any substance that is considered impure in Islamic law;
  • is not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment or utensils that are not free from impurities as defined by Islamic law ; and
  • that, in the preparation, processing or storage stage, does not come in contact with or is stored near any kind of food that does not meet the requirements of para(s) (a), (b) or (c) or any substances that are considered impure by Islamic law.

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